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I wish I weren't Queer.

Maybe this is weird to say on a blog emblazoned with a rainbow scarf, designed to share my "queer" view, but sometimes, I wish I weren't bi. It. Is. Exhausting.

It is exhausting when you assume that at any point I am ready and willing to discuss my sexuality.

It is exhausting when you decide that by being queer, I have agreed to be your educator on queer issues.

It is exhausting to be asked what I do in bed as if that weren't a deeply personal subject - is that something you'd be willing to discuss?

On that note, it is exhausting to have to educate my doctors and healthcare providers on my sexuality simply so they can provide me appropriate care.

It is exhausting to be told what the queer community should think, feel, or be content with.

It is exhausting that my being is a political statement.

It is exhausting to be told that my church is welcoming...even when that isn't always what I experience.


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